Our journey of over 35 years of innovation has been marked by success, thanks to numerous patented and non-patented inventions in the renewable energy sector. Our excellence has been globally recognized, earning us prestigious awards in Geneva and Kuwait. We are actively seeking strategic partnerships, always within the framework of international patent law, to continue shaping a sustainable energy future. If you’re ready to join us in this mission, we invite you to get in touch. NB: Our technology is new and unrelated to fuel cells, photovoltaic technology, or wind energy

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Renewable Energy

Our vision is to become the cornerstone of the most profitable and sustainable renewable energy for the future. We are committed to developing customized energy protection systems, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of various domains: from automotive to industry, agriculture, and households. Our revolutionary method promises to radically transform the design and manufacturing technology of water heaters and boilers, paving the way for a new era of energy efficiency and performance. Additionally, we innovate in the conversion of vehicle engines to 100% hydrogen, extending satellite energy supply from 160 to 400 years, and revolutionizing the operation method of turbine engines. These advancements exemplify our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology for a promising energy future.

Latest inventions


Permanent decarbonizer for gasoline and diesel vehicles

Renewable Energy
Welding and generator unit

Hydrogen welding and generator unit

Renewable energy charger

Renewable Energy Charger for Cellphones

Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Mechanical Charger

Renewable Energy Charger for Cellphones

Renewable Energy
Wood chipper machine

single-blade machine that produces the same output as a conventional four-blade machine with 4 times less energy consumption

Automatic potato grating and cutting machine




Hydrogen Generators

Our vision for new home or industrial generators is to create hydrogen generators that operate silently and without hydrogen storage. These generators will be installed in each home or factory independently, eliminating the need for collective generators, power lines, and poles

Heating and Plumbing

Our intervention in this field involves creating a new type of water heater and water boiler that relies on a water heating system without requiring the appliance to be powered by any ordinary energy source (electricity, gas, fuel, etc.)

Agri-food Industry

A revolutionary technology to address the issue of large water consumption in agri-food factories during raw material washing involves decomposing the water into two parts. The first part is used for washing, while the second part is harnessed to generate the necessary electrical power for the entire factory operation.

Transportation and Logistics

The creation of a new type of hydrogen engine that will be specific for each mode of transportation (car, motorcycle, truck, airplane, boat, etc.).


Majdi Boujdaria

Industrial Designer, Agent, and Authorized Representative, vested with the authority conferred by the inventor.

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